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February 07, 2022

130 Stories: Dhruvi Patel

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Dhruvi Patel C’22, Biomedical Sciences

“The Faith in the Vaccine ambassador program was launched by an interfaith community as a way to lessen the spread of misconceptions about the COVID-19 vaccine. 12 North Park students, including myself, were selected as vaccine ambassadors. With guidance from Kristine Aronsson, the pre-health advisor at North Park, we were able to provide vaccines to many people.

“The major challenge for us was to talk with others about receiving the vaccine. Through this program, we met a huge variety of people from different cultures and educated them on the mechanism and importance of vaccination in more than eight different languages.

“It was a great experience for me personally because I was able to help and protect many lives by motivating people to get vaccinated, and I learned a lot from this wonderful experience. The motto that we spread to the people around us is ‘Get vaccinated and protect your neighbor.’”

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